Did you know that PREMIER SUITES across Europe offer a ‘bring-your-pet’ service for long stay guests? We know how important your pets are to you and we hate to think of them sitting at home, lonely without you. If you are staying 30 nights or more for business or leisure, take your furry friend with you so you feel right at home in one of our luxury serviced apartments. 

What are my alternatives?

You may decide to leave your pet at home, asking a neighbour to drop in a couple of times a day to feed or walk them. Your pet is used to constant love and attention and if this is interrupted your pet may display unusual or distressed behaviour. This behaviour may include urinating indoors, aggression and destroying furniture. 

If you think a cattery or kennel is the solution for you, remember you are uprooting your pet, changing their whole routine and confining them to a small cage often with other strange animals. Expect your pet to return with the same disturbing behaviours and it may take them weeks or months to get back to normal. They could also contract the dreaded kennel cough which can take a long time to recover from.

Why travel with pets?

Did you know that pets mourn for owners they assume are not going to come back? You can’t explain to your dog that you’ll be back soon! You have enough to think about when you are away from home besides how your pet is coping in your absence. Travelling together saves you both a lot of stress and anxiety. It also adds to the wonderful home away from home feeling that we love creating for our guests.

Training your pet takes a lot of hard work and dedication. You may have spent months or years teaching your pet to stay off the tables, to use the litter tray and not to bark when strangers come into your home. You’d be surprised how fast a break in training can reverse years of hard work. Pets often revert to more primal instincts when exposed to other animals in a kennel. You may also have an older or poorly pet who needs regular medicine or therapy. When you travel with your pet you can be sure their regular training and medication are replicated even if they are away from home. 

What is the solution?

Take them with you! If you have a long-term stay in Newcastle coming up soon and don’t like the idea of leaving your pet for so long, give our friendly reservations team a call to discuss your options. Our guests return to us again and again and this is one of the reasons why. Our offer isn’t just for the furry variety of pets, we welcome almost all animals once they can be transported and housed safely. We offer an unrivalled comfort experience to you both!

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